Built for small business owners everywhere

Built for small business owners everywhere

I'm busy. I'm sure you are, too. I mean, everyone is busy, but passionate small business owners are amongst the busiest people I know (and mums, obviously).

Simple CMS was built to help one small business - mine. I needed a content management system (CMS) that would make it a simple job to build a small business website that performed well in the search engines - something I do regularly for myself and my clients.

I needed a viable alternative to the increasing complexity of better-know systems such as Wordpress and Wix. Whilst these are great systems with heaps of functionality, they're overkill for most small businesses, and faceless. Who do you contact when something goes wrong?

My name is Paul Middleton. I have 20 years experience building high-performing websites for a range of uses, but my real passion is building systems that allow small businesses to compete with larger, better funded corporations.

Your number one weapon against larger competition is you. They have grown too big to offer the level of personalised care and service that you provide every day. So, I believe that the primary purpose of your website, as a small business, should be to get prospective customers to call or email you for more information.

As a result, I built Simple CMS on three core principles:



Small business owners don't have time to spend managing the technology, so make it easy to manage



Create and maintain built-in, advanced SEO techniques as standard so it's not necessary to hire 'experts'



Your website should provide just enough information to encourage your visitors to contact you

If this sounds like something you might benefit from, or you'd like more information, get in touch and I'll happily give you a call to discuss how my system & I can help your business.